Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Special education, IEPs, and the school from hell

Matty has always had great teachers.  Excellent teachers that still are interested in hearing from/about him.  I guess we got lucky because the first six years worth of teachers  (k-5) from our district were amazing.  He moved to a new school in the same district this year because 6th grade is only offered at that school in our district.  This year, this school?  Not so great.  Not. At. All. 

As in his special ed teacher went out on sick leave the fourth day of school and Matty has had a substitute teacher for the last 4.5 weeks of school.  As in his math grade is 36.  As in the email response from his "teacher" when I asked about the missing grades and his overall poor average in math was "his grades was when up a lot, and the papers that he done they are now in the system".  True story.  No capitalization.  No punctuation (to speak of).  No grammar. 

Never have I ever had to contact his school and demand ever so politely to have his teacher replaced.  Don't get me wrong.  We are involved very much with his school.  There has yet to be one week that I have not had to email the school about something.  I've already met with the Vice-Principal AND had an IEP meeting.  I've sent six emails in two days and spoke on the phone to the Special Education Coordinator just in this week alone.  INSANE.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Reason number five million, two-hundred and twenty-five why I need to work from home.  I focus on Matty and his school way more than I should and still allow my employer in good conscious continue to pay me for a full day's pay.  

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